Bovalls expands the options for extra security

Extra safety package for all our front doors

Our standard doors always include the Assa 2002 connect lock case with home/away function and hinges with security bolts.
If you want to top up the security even further, we have four different packages that can be fitted to our front doors except stock doors ready for delivery.
You easily add these packages when you build your door in our webshop.

NOTE! Can’t be combined with inward opening front doors, side lights or Yale Doorman.

Safety package:

1 Reinforcements of frames, hinges and strike plate, etc.
1+ Reinforcements of the frame, hinges, strike plates and reinforcements for the lock case.
2 Three-point locking and reinforcements of the frame, hinges & strike plate etc.
2+ Three-point locking and reinforcement, of the frame, hinges, end plate and reinforcements for the lock case.

We also have classified front doors in safety class RC2 and RC3

Classified exterior doors RC2

We offer the front door Långö without glass as a security door. It can be ordered in teak, freijo or oak.

Classified exterior doors RC3

In the RC-3 class, we offer the front door Långö with or without vertical glass in teak, freijo or oak.

Do you need help choosing or customizing your front door?
Feel free to contact us and we will help you come up with a proposal for you.

The doors are classified by: Svensk Brand och Säkerhetscertifiering.

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