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We build period exterior doors and interior doors for you who want to keep the original style of your villa. The page will hopefully inspire and help you choose exterior doors, entrances and interior doors. Sometimes you already have such nice, old handmade doors that we advise you not to change but instead to renovate your craft masterpieces of doors. We hope the design guide will help you choose long-lasting wooden doors!


The 1930´s were a turbulent decade that began with a worldwide depression and ended with the start of World War II. During this time, Sweden received better unemployment insurance and the right to vacation. Retirees received better pensions. During the 1930´s, sound films could be seen in cinemas and radio listening gained momentum. Motoring began to spread in the 1930´s.

30-tals funkis hus
funkis hus från 1940-talet


RESTRAINT. During the first half of the 1940s, World War II raged. After the end of the war in 1945, development accelerated, and a boom began. During the 1940s, urbanization began due to industrialization, which led to housing shortages in the cities.


Sweden, which had its industry and infrastructure intact after the Second World War, flourished with extensive exports to the war-torn countries. Government loans helped the Swedes to build themselves out of overcrowding with an internationally high standard. Many new phenomena saw the light of day this decade. Washing machines and dishwashers and freezers facilitated the work in the homes. Sweden’s first TV program was broadcast. Better cars and roads made private motoring grow, a youth culture grew and the first Swedes went on a charter trip.

50-tals hus och ytterdörr
60-tal arkitektur


During the first half of the 1960s, there was an economic boom in Sweden and the rest of the western world. The industries were booming and the demand for labour was huge. The housewife disappeared as an ideal and labour left the countryside for the cities. Villa construction had its real breakthrough. Yes, there are many technical steps forward and time is afterwards considered as “prosperous times”.


The 1970s began with an oil crisis followed by a recession. This time can be described as a turning point between the industrial society and service society. During the 1970s, environmental thinking made a serious impact, which in Sweden, among other things, was reflected in the “green wave”.

70-tals villa
80-tals villa


After the recession in the 70´s, Sweden in the 1980´s entered an economic boom, which is usually called the “happy 80 s”. During the 80’s tech developed quickly and swedish people started using computers both at work and at home. Even the first mobile phones began to sell, with giant batteries by today’s standards.


The boom from the end of the 1980´s lasted until 1991 when the Swedish real estate industry collapsed. The Swedish krona was released from the ECU and, there was a rapid weakening of the krona’s value. Interest rates were shockingly raised. The economy recovered towards the end of the decade with the new IT technology as the economic engine. The Internet made its way into Swedish families and companies and economic globalization spread at a rapid pace.

vitt 90-tals hus
modernt hus i trä


The period after the millennium was marked by the new information technology. The economy went into an economic bubble that ended in the IT crash. The economy recovered and from the middle of the decade there was a boom. In the autumn of 2008, the whole world was hit by the financial crisis because of a mortgage crisis in the United States.

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