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Few details make as great an impression on a building as the doors of the house. At Bovalls, we build our villa doors in certified wood of the highest quality. In addition to being beautiful, reflecting the residents’ personality and giving the house its features, the door should protect against the weather and the outside world. The villa door is a kind of passage between two worlds, between the known and the unknown and between public and private.

Bovall’s villa doors are built by a craftsman, i.e. he or she takes full responsibility from the choice of material to the finished door.

Wooden front doors

THE JEWEL OF THE HOUSE. A distinctive feature and reassuring safety all in one. The front door contributes to the character of a building and keeps out the weather and unwelcome visitors at the same time.

Villadörr med ytterdörr i teak med sidoljus
innerdörrar i villa


PART OF THE INTERIOR DESIGN. Every room has its own personality and atmosphere, and every detail contributes to this. You should therefore choose interior doors with the same care that you choose the wallpaper and furniture.



Exterior doors have been around as long as mankind have had a house or some form of fencing or enclosure. Bovalls mainly delivers doors to villas from the 1930s onwards.

The oldest residential doors are solid exterior doors, i.e. exterior doors of solid wood or so-called. frame doors. These doors consist of 4 frame pieces that are dropped together and then filled with fillings of wood and or glass.

In the 50’s, they began to build doors from a pine frame clad in sheet material, often grooved teak plywood. It was at least in the 50’s that Bovalls made his first, glued constructions for villa doors. These doors still stand today and we feel that the corresponding quality of plywood is not available for purchase.


Entrance doors in the 60s were lavish and were the exception to the rationalism and economic thinking that prevailed. Entrance doors were usually placed on the long sides of the villas facing the street. The doors were often without glass and the light entry consisted instead of a side light.

In the 70s, entrance doors were more often placed on the ground floor due to. stricter requirements for accessibility for the disabled. The 70’s entrance door in detached houses were often lavish villa doors with large side lights. The exclusive entrance doors often had teak panels that were profiled d in various shapes. The side lights were often wide and separated by mullions. The new energy saving requirements increased the insulation capacity of the entrance doors and the thickness of the door leaves increased to 60 mm.


Our security doors are built with respect for the raw material. The structure of the wood contains unique impressions from nature and each piece of wood, panel, frame, and threshold are like small pieces of art in themselves.

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