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Our doors are made one by one, on demand, We have one showroom in Sweden where you can feel the door structure, weight and quality. Once you know roughly what you want, contact us in Bovallstrand. We will provide the correct dimensions and wood species to suit you and your house.

Bovallstrand: Christer and Sofia can be reached at telephone number. +46 (0)523-517 00
Göteborg: Maria +46 (0)76-20 98 948
Anna +46 (0)70-39 33 279

E-mail: first name@bovalls.com

Send your request to offert(at)bovalls.com


Bovalls Dörrbyggeri – Head office/ Production
Fabriksgatan 2
456 47 Bovallstrand

Opening hours
Mon – Friday 8-16
Book an appointment for a viewing in the gallery at other times/weekends.

Phone: +46 (0)523-517 00
E-mail: info@bovalls.com
Charging station for electric car available


Garageportexperten Sverige AB
Gillbergagatan 38
582 73 Linköping

Website: garageportexperten.se

Exhibition door is available at:
Kiruna, Sofia Granmyr, 0980-832 00
Karlstad, Anders Karlsson, 054-186450
Nacka strand, Gustaf Hamlin, 0708-580772
Falköping, Lisa Bergman, 0706-992347
Borås, Lisa Bergman, 0706-992347
Kungsbacka, Susanne Elfvorn, 0708-879510


Borgunda Bygghandel AB
PL 15371
541 93 Skövde

Website: borgunda.se

Exhibition door is available at:
Head office
Falköping, Christian Notaro, 0510 51 01 82
Skövde, Stallsiken, Magnus Pihlblad, 0500 79 29 00
Anders Handfast, tel:0510 48 54 80

Borgunda Bygghandel
Snekkern är återförsäljare till Bovalls


Snekkern Norge AS
Kristoffer Robins vei 13
0978 Oslo

Website: snekkern.no

Exhibition door is available at:
Fjeldstad Bygg AS i Gressvik
O.Johansen & sønner AS i Lillestrøm
Portsenteret AS i Lierskogen


Kvänum Bergen AS
Hopsnesvegen 36
5232 Paradis

Website: kvanum.com

Contact: Kjerti Minde Nese, +47 926 39697

Återförsäljare Kvänum i Bergen, Norge


On this page you will find answers to the most common questions about our doors, the material we use and how to order one of our products.

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