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PART OF THE HOUSE. All houses have their personality, and apart from being a fit for the house, windows must keep all manner of weather and wind out. Our workshop is in the centre of the outermost coastline on Sotenäset in Bohuslän, where the weather is very challenging. This has set the standard for both the construction and choice of materials. For us, the quality of the wood is just as important as its origin. Its structure contains nature’s imprint and every piece, frame and border is unique. With this in mind, our windows are built with great respect for the raw material which has taken nature decades to produce.


REVERSIBLE WINDOWS IN WOOD. Our top hung reversible windows are built in solid, beautiful and durable woods. Bovall’s outward reversible window with Spilka Opus hidden fittings has a ventilation function, stop function (child safety) and can be easily turned around without the window rotating into the room. This means it is easy to wash the panes or maintain the window from the inside without having to go outside or stand on a ladder.

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FIXED WOODEN WINDOWS. Our fixed windows are built in solid, beautiful and durable woods. Bovall’s fixed windows are built according to customer specification. Fixed windows are built as separate units or in the same frame as openable products.


TERRACE DOORS IN WOOD. Our solid doors are built one by one. This type of door with security pin hinges and a hardened steel hookbolt lock with home/away function has a completely different security than a window door with espagnolette. Since most of the door are built by hand, everything from dimensions to design is adaptable. If, for example, you want a terrace door built as a double door, this is no problem.

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SIDE HUNG WOODEN WINDOWS. Side hung windows are built in solid, beautiful and durable woods. Bovall’s side hung windows are built according to customer specification. Contact us for info.


At Bovalls, we have been building wooden doors since 1943. The world has changed a lot since then, but we are still building many of our doors and windows as we did a long time ago. Thanks to knowledge and experience, custom made doors and windows are a big part of our business. At the request of customers, we have taken up window manufacturing. In addition to the door factory in Bovallstrand, the company also had a window factory in Rabbalshede during the sixties, seventies and early eighties. Now windows are one again being built in solid wood but with modern glass and seals. Our range includes top-hung windows, side-hung hinges, revolving windows and fixed windows.

All windows are both FSC certified, and CE marked and built by craftsmen in Bovallstrand. With the sea to the west and the forest around the corner, it is natural for us to respect the raw material.


Our wooden windows are built with respect for the raw material. The structure of the wood contains unique impressions from nature and each piece of wood, panel, frame, and threshold are like small pieces of art in themselves.

Made in Bovallstrand - Sweden

Bovalls Dörrbyggeri builds wooden front doors, wooden internal doors and wooden windows in certified materials with a passion for wood. Wood as a unique natural and living material and hope for a sustainable production for both people and the environment. Simply, Wood, hope and love!