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Our security doors are built in solid wood, just like our other exterior doors, but are manufactured with higher requirements for burglary safety than comparable exterior doors. One of our security doors quite simply gives your home an extra layer of security and safety while retaining the craftsmanship in design and execution. We currently offer the door model Långö as a safety door. Långö can be ordered in teak, freijo and oak, in two different safety classes; RC2 and RC3.


In the film, you can see what happened when our security doors were tested.
You will also find our certificate on the door we have tested, below.


In the film, you can see what happened when our security doors were tested.
You will also find our certificate on the door we have tested, below.

What security classes are there?

It depends on what standards you are looking at. The most common are SSF 200, i.e. the Swedish Anti-Theft Association’s classification. SSF 200 is then divided into three classes. It is important to keep the different standards separate, as a prescribed protection class according to SSF 200 cannot be translated directly against an RC/MK class.


SS-EN 1627 = Doors and windows tested according to the new European standard. The European standard is divided into six different classes called MK/RC 1-6. MK stands for Motståndsklass which is a translation of the Resistance class, the English term used.

How are our security doors classified?

Doors manufactured at Bovalls Dörrbyggeri have been tested according to the new European Standard SS-EN 1627, which means our doors are classified according to RC classes.

The different RC classes have the following meanings:

RC 1= No resistance class. This class includes storage doors and ordinary residential house doors.

RC 2= Doors tested for 15 minutes, with a total effective attack time of at least three minutes. In tests, screwdrivers, small hammers, pliers and wedges were used. This class includes residential house doors which should obstruct and delay an intrusion. Often used in homes without much property to attract thieves.

RC 3= Doors tested for 20 minutes, with a total effective attack time of five minutes. In the tests, crowbars, hammers and powerful screwdrivers were used. RC 3 includes residential or business premises with a larger amount of property to attract thieves.

RC4-6 are only used for steel doors.

When should you have a particular security class?

When should I choose RC-2?
If you feel unsafe with your current doors which are very easy to get into, an RC-2 door is a good choice at a reasonable cost. These doors have reinforcements around the hinges and the strike plate. The panels are attached with a longer screw than standard, which makes it more difficult to break the panels.

When should I choose RC-3?
For those who have property that is attractive to thieves or a business premises where you want to make it a significantly difficult to get in, a RC-3 door is a good choice. These doors have a three-point lock with reinforcements on all the strike plates. They have special joints and reinforcements on all hinges. Steel reinforcement plates around the lock and handle, cover plates are included. Longer screws in the panels. The frame is reinforced inside with additional bolts. 2 separately mounted rear pins Fas 1220. Longer and more powerful screws for hinges, end flaps and locking casements.

Glazed doors in safety class RC-3

Our glazed doors have “smash & grab glass”, protection class P5A. The glass is constructed with: 10.28 mm multi-laminated, 9 mm argon and 4 mm hardened super energy glass. The glass is fitted with hidden steel angle rails and glued to the structure.

Good to know if you want to order a customized security door

Any deviations from the tested and approved designs mean that we cannot include a certificate. By using the same details as on the security doors, we can build a better and safer door than standard. Talk to us and we will tell you more.

What doors are available in each resistance class?


In the RC-2 class we offer the door model Långö tät in teak or oak, this means that they are approved. We can also manufacture the same door with elongated glass in Class RC-2, but then the glass and glazing must be done as an RC-3 door. However, we cannot provide any certificates on these doors, because that particular construction is not tested.


In the RC-3 class we offer Långö tät in teak or oak, and Långö oak and teak with elongated glass. These models are approved.

What are the additional costs for the different security classes?

For additional charges, see the respective door model in our webshop.


  • 48700 kr inkl. moms
  • 48700 kr inkl. moms
  • 47400 kr inkl. moms
  • 48700 kr inkl. moms


SBSC was founded in 1997 and is owned by the Swedish Fire Protection Association together with the Swedish Theft Prevention Association. By offering the market’s most sought after certifications within the areas of fire safety and security, we contribute to the development of high-quality fire and security solutions. Solutions which save lives and property.

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Our wooden security doors are built with respect for the raw material. The structure of the wood contains unique impressions from nature and each piece of wood, panel, frame, and threshold are like small pieces of art in themselves.

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