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detalj av teakdörr och handtag
ytterdörr i teak med sidoljus

Wooden front doors

THE JEWEL OF THE HOUSE. A distinctive feature and reassuring safety all in one. The front door contributes to the character of a building and keeps out the weather and unwelcome visitors at the same time. Our contemporary wooden front doors with sandwich construction are built individually or in very small series. The material we use is always solid wood. Every aspect, from joint construction to panelling, is done by hand by a craftsman who is responsible for making the entire door. Because most of the work is done by hand, everything from the dimensions to the design can be individually tailored. If you want a particular wooden front door built as double doors or a front door with sidelight, we can take care of it.


Among our various door models, you will find both doors in the old building standard – with a solid frame construction – and those with a modern design. Most exterior doors are also available with glass, side lights, top lights and kicking plates. As our doors are made by hand to order, you can adapt all parts according to your wishes. Every part of your door from Bovalls, including panels and door frames, is made of solid wood and we always pre-assemble frame sleeves


With three generations of door construction in the back, we know how important every detail is. It is also in the details of our doors that you notice the difference. The choice of piece of wood, the quality of the varnish or oil. The surface treatment of the door panels, door leaves and thresholds. And, not least, the choice of handles, lock cylinder and other options. The teak, oak, or freijo used in the door is carefully selected for the best quality and we always use certified wood. Together, all these details create a safe, durable, beautiful and completely unique front door to match your home’s architecture. Feel free to look around on our product pages for inspiration or contact us if you want to discuss your needs.

Are you looking to buy a teak exterior door, a door with sidelight or a glass entrance door? Regardless, we have something for you.


Our wooden exterior doors are built with respect for the raw material. The structure of the wood contains unique impressions from nature and each piece of wood, panel, frame, and threshold are like small pieces of art in themselves.

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