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    Doors from the Swedish West Coast.
    Tailored to your home.
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    With the sea around the corner,
    you need solid doors.
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    Third generation

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We believe in “wood, hope and love”

Our vision is a play on the expression “Faith, hope and love”, an expression many associate with the ocean, ships and sailors. The vision ties well together with our company’s history in a playful way. But above all, the vision is all that we actually stand for, all that we want our customers to feel and experience. The love of wood as a unique natural and living material, and the hope of sustainable production for both people and the environment. Wood hope and love, simply. To the vision we have also tied our three core values:

Uncompromising: In sustainable materials, craftmanship and quality.
Honesty: We only build products we believe will leave our customers happy for a long time.
Engaging: Engagement for our products and crafts, for our customers, partners and employees.

We strive to continuously improve and develop our business and actively influence people to choose sustainably.

Wood, hope and love

See our movie below about wood, hope and love

At Bovalls Dörrbyggeri
we build our doors as if they were boats.

Bovalls Dörrbyggeri is run by Eva and Inger Gustafsson, the third generation of door builders in the small town of Bovallstrand on the Swedish west coast. Our carpentry shop is located on the outermost coastline of the Sotenäset peninsula in Bohuslän, western Sweden.

We started manufacturing wooden doors in the early 1940s. Even though the world has changed in many ways since then, we have continued to work according to the strong ethics and quality principles laid out buy our grandfather when he started the carpentry. Every single wood component is carefully selected, produced and assembled at our original carpentry shop in Bovallstrand.

The west coast of Sweden has a harsh climate combining salt sprays with high winds. A few decades ago we only sold our doors locally. The old craftsmen builders knew that doors had to be solidly constructed from good materials to withstand the weather on the west coast.

That is the reason quality and craftsmanship are close to our heart. We build our doors with respect for the raw material, which has taken decades to grow. The grain of the wood has been shaped by nature, and every piece, every panel, every frame and every moulding is unique. We may not think about it so often, but it is actually a great privilege to handle such a beautiful material every day.

Our environmental commitment

Being located with the sea and nature on our doorstep, it is only natural to take an active stance in sustainability issues. Sourcing the wood we use for our doors responsibly is one way of doing that, which is why we only use certified wood in our doors.

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