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Sustainability is not an imaginary strategy.
It's our way of being.

The passion for wood as a unique natural and living material, and the hope of a sustainable production for both people and the environment. Wood, hope and love, simply. Through continuous improvements, we will develop our business, for the customer, for our employees and partners. We actively try to influence people in our business to make a sustainable choice.

Self-sufficient heat and hot water

All the wood waste from the production is chipped and burned in a boiler so we are self-sufficient with heat and hot water. The hydralic hot press for doors is also heated by hot water from our boiler. 400 m2 of solar cells contributes to our electricity supply. New electrical cabinets and smart power monitoring will control and run the big electricity consumers such as dehumidifiers when we have surplus energy from the solar cells.

Circular design

Many door models have been created from the waste that you get from the construction of existing models. This is because the company was founded in the 1940s before "wear and tear", when you were careful with raw materials. For us, circularity is a new word for a natural thing, to be careful with resources.


Studio Bovallstrand.
A sustainable meeting place

A meeting place both digitally and physically to spread knowledge about sustainability, quality and design. Articles, lectures, rental of our facilities and events where the only cost is a contribution in the form of new trees. What is happening and how many trees have been planted through the Studio so far is displayed at


Beekeeping on the roof

Our CEO manages the beekeeping with the help of the door builder Emil, who is an active beekeeper. We have now harvested honey twice and we see that the number of bees in the area and the villa gardens surrounding the factory has increased significantly. We sold the honey in Studio Bovallstrand at our own Christmas Fair.

We take responsibility for origin and future in our doors, windows and products

All the scary facts about the state of the forests in the world, illegal logging and climate impact are some of the reasons why we have chosen to work with FSC certified wood.

We use FSC® certified wood for our doors

When we became FSC certified, our goal was for all timber to be certified. We have now achieved that goal, although the road here has been bordered by both skepticism and setbacks. We have been close to giving up. Partly because of the laborious work of buying timber with the right origin, quality and dimension. It is still very difficult, but if we have decided to go for it, we will continue to work towards our goals. As producers and consumers, we can take greater responsibility for the environment by making demands.

How does illegal timber trade affect local communities and the world?

If you want to learn more about illegal timber trading and it’s consequences, click here.

* The picture above was taken by one of our FSC® certified suppliers in Brazil and shows what the forest looks like seven years after sustainable harvesting. The next harvest is not done until 2034. Photo: Kasper Kopp, Tracer Aps

We believe in “wood, hope and love”

Our vision is a play on the expression “Faith, hope and love”, an expression many associate with the ocean, ships and sailors. The vision ties well together with our company’s history in a playful way. But above all, the vision is all that we actually stand for, all that we want our customers to feel and experience. The love of wood as a unique natural and living material, and the hope of sustainable production for both people and the environment. Wood hope and love, simply. To the vision we have also tied our three core values:

UNCOMPROMISING: In sustainable materials, craftmanship and quality.
HONESTY: We only build products we believe will leave our customers happy for a long time.
ENGAGING: Engagement for our products and crafts, for our customers, partners and employees.

We strive to continuously improve and develop our business and actively influence people to choose sustainably.

See our movie below about Wood, Hope and Love