Bovalls Dörrbyggeri celebrates 80 years

This year we are celebrating Bovall’s 80th anniversary. But the wood tradition in the family actually goes back even further than that.

“In the 1800s, the yacht, Lina, will soon be back at home in Bovallstrand after yet another trip to the Norwegian town of Fredrikstad. The boat is fully laden with Norwegian timber that will be sold in its home port. Its owner is called Johan. He was the one that started the family tradition of working with timber. Johan passed away far too young and the freight business was abandoned. Instead, his son, Gustaf, eventually started a wood products store in the same spot that the timber used to be unloaded. The store became a workplace for him and his sons. One of these was Bengt Gustafsson, and it is Bengt who will eventually start a door joinery.”

In 1943, grandfather Bengt Bovalls Dörrbyggeri started, and built the first carpentry from leftover material from an old bathhouse here in Bovallstrand.
To celebrate, we have produced a jubilee door, Hamburgö, of beautiful sinusoidal panel, with black sheet metal details.

We look forward to celebrating this year with you!

Front door in oak with black details



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