News for internal doors! Interchangeable door leaves

Changing a door can be a time consuming and complicated affair; the door lining must be removed, the frame must be torn down and sometimes it is even necessary to remove parts of the wall. We are happy to be able to present our interchangeable door leaves.

With replaceable internal door leaves, you keep the old frame and easily lift out the old door leaf. You put in the new one, and it’s done!

You save time, money, and energy, all of which are important factors in a renovation. Replaceable internal door leaves also contribute to less environmental impact and waste of resources when the frame can be retained, and the walls left intact.

Our interior door models Sandö, Lyngö, Risö, Kålö, Pinnö and Rågö are available as replaceable door leaves and it is required that your interior door has snap-in hinges of model 1972 or later.

Read more about Sandö, Lyngö, Risö, Kålö, Pinnö and Rågö by following the respective links.


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