May 2023

Bovalls expands the options for extra security

Extra safety package for all our front doors

Our standard doors always include the Assa 2002 connect lock case with home/away function and hinges with security bolts.
If you want to top up the security even further, we have four different packages that can be fitted to our front doors except stock doors ready for delivery.
You easily add these packages when you build your door in our webshop.

NOTE! Can’t be combined with inward opening front doors, side lights or Yale Doorman.

Safety package:

1 Reinforcements of frames, hinges and strike plate, etc.
1+ Reinforcements of the frame, hinges, strike plates and reinforcements for the lock case.
2 Three-point locking and reinforcements of the frame, hinges & strike plate etc.
2+ Three-point locking and reinforcement, of the frame, hinges, end plate and reinforcements for the lock case.

We also have classified front doors in safety class RC2 and RC3

Classified exterior doors RC2

We offer the front door Långö without glass as a security door. It can be ordered in teak, freijo or oak.

Classified exterior doors RC3

In the RC-3 class, we offer the front door Långö with or without vertical glass in teak, freijo or oak.

Do you need help choosing or customizing your front door?
Feel free to contact us and we will help you come up with a proposal for you.

The doors are classified by: Svensk Brand och Säkerhetscertifiering.

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Emma Olbers, möbeldesigner

Emma Olbers designs interior doors for Bovalls

The love for the craft and the material opened up a collaboration where sustainability is the focus.

“It’s incredibly fun and educational to work with such a solid company as Bovalls Dörrbyggeri,” says Emma Olbers. “With more than 70 years in the industry, the knowledge of wood and how doors are worn, aged and maintained is deeply rooted in Bovalls Dörrbyggeri.v For me as a designer with a strong focus on sustainability, materials with low emissions and products that can be maintained and repaired are of utmost importance”.

The doors for indoor use that Emma Olbers has designed are called Granö and Askö are made of spruce and ash.“The inspiration behind the doors lies in the craftsmanship and authenticity of the material. I didn’t want to hide anything, but rather highlight the tactile experience of wood.”

Emma Olbers has chosen to keep the branches of the spruce to avoid unnecessary spillage and create the experience of being able to feel the wood with your eyes. The interior doors come in colors that bring to mind Karin and Carl Larsson’s color choice, but also to the coast of Bohuslän with its rugged cliffs and sea. The new door model comes in six colors “Lera”, “kisel”, dark green, linden green, natural white and oiled built in two different types of wood: ash and spruce.

“Emma is unique as a designer working with sustainable solid wood. That, in combination with her color and design language, appeals to us. The result of the collaboration is now ready to show to the market and we are very proud of the collaboration”, says Inger Gustafsson, CEO at Bovalls Dörrbyggeri.

Launch of interior doors designed by Emma Olbers and BovallsInnerdörr Granö i mörkgrön granInnerdörr Askö i naturvit ask














Bovalls Dörrbyggeri celebrates 80 years

This year we are celebrating Bovall’s 80th anniversary. But the wood tradition in the family actually goes back even further than that.

“In the 1800s, the yacht, Lina, will soon be back at home in Bovallstrand after yet another trip to the Norwegian town of Fredrikstad. The boat is fully laden with Norwegian timber that will be sold in its home port. Its owner is called Johan. He was the one that started the family tradition of working with timber. Johan passed away far too young and the freight business was abandoned. Instead, his son, Gustaf, eventually started a wood products store in the same spot that the timber used to be unloaded. The store became a workplace for him and his sons. One of these was Bengt Gustafsson, and it is Bengt who will eventually start a door joinery.”

In 1943, grandfather Bengt Bovalls Dörrbyggeri started, and built the first carpentry from leftover material from an old bathhouse here in Bovallstrand.
To celebrate, we have produced a jubilee door, Hamburgö, of beautiful sinusoidal panel, with black sheet metal details.

We look forward to celebrating this year with you!

Front door in oak with black details



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