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About Råssö
Råssö is a massive front door built as was done in the old days, a so-called frame door. The door contains only solid wood and glass. The eight pieces of wood are assembled into a door using manual labor and glue.

Do you need help choosing or customizing your front door? Feel free to contact us and we will help you come up with a proposal that suits you.

Product facts
Door Solid, that is, with the same type of wood straight through planed to a mortise and tenon door.
Frame Solid, that is, with the same type of wood straight through
Frame dim. 52x92 mm
Sealing strip Silicone sealing strip in the door leaf
Frame screws The frame has pre-mounted frame screws
Threshold Solid hardwood with aluminium tread rail
Hinges Electropolished, acid-resistant stainless steel, adjustable and with a safety catch.
Lock case Assa 2002 Connect, approved by the insurance companies in security class 3. With home & away security function.
Glass in the door Super energy glass filled with argon gas for better insulation. Double-laminated glass on the inside and a hardened glass on the outside.
Surface treatment Teak & Freijo 2 layers of transparent teak oil
Surface treatment Oak 1 layer of Osmo Oak and 1 layer of Osmo transparent UV protection oil
Extension jambs Frame milled for extension jambs
Glass in the side lights Double-laminated glass on the inside and a laminated glass on the outside
Side lights Side lights are built together with the frame up to size 20x21M

Door & frame
Lock case

Assembly instructions
Maintenance instructions
A small bottle of oil for continued maintenance

Note! Not included:
Mounting of door

Order & delivery

Order and order confirmation: When you have ordered front doors, we will send you an order confirmation, terms and conditions of purchase and maintenance instructions via e-mail. Please read the documents carefully.

Approval of drawing & order: Along with the order confirmation, we send you a drawing for approval. When you have approved the drawing (might need adjustments) by signing, your door is submitted for production. The signature also applies as acceptance of our order confirmation as well as our terms of purchase conditions, so please read these documents carefully as well. Please note that the approval of the drawing determines the delivery time.

Payment: Payment in the webshop is made easily via SVEA-economy’s payment solution.

If you choose to call or email your order instead, you will receive an invoice. Well in time of delivery, we will email you an advance invoice and we have the payment, the door will be sent by carrier to the desired delivery address. Delivery date refers to the day when the goods are planned to leave the factory.

Delivery: We ship our doors with a carrier appointed by us. They call you before delivery so they know for sure that someone can receive the goods. Keep in mind that the drivers leave the goods at the plot boundary. Carrying the doors inside, putting them in a garage or truck unloading, etc. is not included in their tasks.

For deliveries to Norway: We contact our agent for customs clearance and VAT handling. Your payment of Norwegian VAT takes place via our agent and determines the delivery date from the factory.

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