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Inward opening external doors

Inward opening external doors are built with the same care and design as our outward opening external doors but constructed slightly differently. The difference is that the door leaf, frame and threshold are built to withstand both rainwater and wind as the door is opened inward.

Designed with care

If an outward opening door is simply reversed, then water will be forced in with wind and rain, and run down the inside of the threshold. This is why the door leaf, frame and threshold are built to resist rainwater and wind. In extreme weather conditions, water can be pushed in and run down along the frame or door leaf. The water has to run down and out through the threshold so that no water gets inside. An inward opening door is therefore never entirely sealed down at the threshold. If water gets in between the frame and door leaf, it has to also then run out, on the outside.

An external door is like decoration for the house

As much a beautiful detail as it is secure protection. The choice of external door enhances the appearance of the house, plus keeps the world and weather out. Our glued, insulated external doors are built one by one, or in very small batches. The material we use is always environmentally-labelled, solid wood. Everything from the frame to panel work is done by hand by a carpenter, who is responsible for the entire creation of our doors. As all parts are made by hand, everything from dimensions to the material, can be tailored to your exact specifications.

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