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It is better for the climate to work with steel, concrete or plastic, because no tropical forest dies?

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The use of FSC tropical wood has a positive climate effect in two respects. It is an alternative to polluting materials and it also protects the forest, which plays a decisive role in combating climate change.

The production of materials for the construction industry accounts for 11 percent of global energy and process-related emissions. About half of all concrete, brick and steel goes to the construction industry. If we do nothing, the increasing global demand for housing will cause huge CO2 emissions from materials such as concrete, steel and glass. While wood, including tropical wood, stores CO2 during growth. A lot of CO2 is released when manufacturing steel, concrete or plastic. In addition, choose tropical FSC wood because then no forest dies. The forest will be preserved precisely because it must not be turned into a plantation for soy or palm oil.


The following questions/answers about tropical wood come from FSC Netherlands. We have translated the questions into English. https://hierhoutdaarbos.nl/

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