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Is not it better to use wood from the local area to avoid shipping long distances?

The largest volume that we consume annually is pine from Sweden. The ash is Swedish and we also buy oak from Sweden in the first place, otherwise the oak is from Europe.

But! If there is no demand for forest from the southern hemisphere, the forest will have no value and it will be cut down in favor of something more profitable, such as monocultures of palm oil or soy. It’s an ecological disaster every time it happens.

There is only one reason why Sweden is largely covered by forest and that is because our forest is profitable for forest owners. Just as in Sweden, forests in the southern hemisphere are largely owned by farmers and they must earn something on their land.

If the farmer/landowner can use his forest in a sustainable way and sell sawn timber products to environmentally conscious customers, we believe that the environmental benefit far exceeds the emissions from shipping.

Foreign types of wood can also have other properties than the domestic ones, which means that you do not have to paint or treat the surface with, for example, rot protection.

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