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Do we save the climate by stopping logging?

Category: Miljö

Logging is not the main cause of deforestation or climate change. By choosing tropical FSC wood, you ensure that the forest continues to exist.

20 years ago, intact tropical forests still stored 17 percent of man-made emissions. Forests lost about 25 percent of their area, while global emissions increased by 46 percent. Intact tropical forests are a crucial storage for CO2 and play a key role in the fight against climate change. In the forests managed by FSC, 99 trees grow for every tree harvested that absorbs CO2 again. By using certified tropical wood, you prevent the use of building materials that emit a lot of CO2 and you stop the felling of tropical forests (to make way for soy or palm oil), which counteracts climate change.


The following questions/answers about tropical wood come from FSC Netherlands. We have translated the questions into English. https://hierhoutdaarbos.nl/

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