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Wooden doors online

You do not have to compromise on quality and durability to get handmade, FSC certified wooden doors online quickly delivered. Although we adhere to craftsmanship, quality and sustainability, we digitize information and logistics for e-commerce.

Exterior doors in stock are in our exhibition at the factory if you want to see and feel them. Opening hours see contact.

Buy wooden doors online in one of the following ways:

Buy online in our webshop, shipping will be added
Call us and order, pay in webshop, shipping will be added

Wooden doors online

We have previously built readymade wooden front doors. Until the 90s, this was a large part of our business. We made wooden exterior doors and had them in stock in many different sizes. It was a paneled woodenfront door that was a little simpler and that we have manufactured thousands of since the 70’s. By the 1960s, large sections of the population had gained a better economy. The production of holiday homes increased and became an industry, which led to a market for “cottage doors” which we sold to both Sweden and Norway.


Exterior doors online

In our part of Sweden, simple cottages or boathouses have largely been converted into year- around houses. We have since then adapted our exterior doors to wooden exterior doors in of the highest quality. As a result of rapidly changing buying patterns, we are also adapting the way we buy exterior doors to selling wooden doors online.


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