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Front doors online

Now you do not have to compromise on quality and durability to get a handmade, FSC certified quality door quickly delivered. Although we adhere to craftsmanship, quality and sustainability, we digitize information and logistics for e-commerce.

We introduce a new door model ”Saltö” with solid wood in oak and teak. These doors can only be purchased via e-commerce. It can be difficult to find quality doors in stock, but we have handmade, FSC certified quality doors in stock.

Wood doors online

The idea of doors on stock originally comes from our storage door “yd 23”. It was a paneled door that we have manufactured thousands of since the 1970s. We had several models in stock.

Doors for holiday homes

During the 1960s, large sections of the population got a better economy. Production of holiday houses increased and became a separate industry. This led to a market for doors for holiday homes and we sold to both Sweden and Norway until the 2010s when we rebuilt the construction from a simpler door to a front door.

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