Genuine craftmanship Sustainable materials Weather proof design

Intelligent solutions provide smart doors and a simpler life.
And a modern, safer accommodation

Why wouldn't traditional craftsmanship know technology of the future for easier and safer living? We at Bovalls build doors from sawn timer to the highest quality doors, and now you can combine the craft with the latest technology. Touch panels directly on the door, mobile connections or finger scanner so you don't have keys, cards and codes. Bluetooth connectors and smart locks that recognizes changes in user behavior. And this is only the beginning, our doors may be built in the traditional way (which is smart) but we will continue to develop and adapt our doors for tomorrow.

All you need is your fingertip

Ekey home is designed for flush installation and is an innovative finger scanner for your home. The system is easy to install and the app user friendly.

Smart software that learns from user behavior

The ekey finger scanner is equipped with intelligent software that transmits information to the control panel using encrypted communications, recognizes changes in user behavior, and learns more with every use.

Automatic and motorised locking system

The motorized automatic locking system enables the hooks and sealing elements to automatically grip the striking plate when the door is pulled shut – automatic security and sealing!

Mobile connections, Bluetooth and smart apps

There are many options: open your door remotely, hand out rights or personal codes to the family. Program day and time control to your lock or connect to your alarm system.

Together with creative partners, we combine traditional crafts, solid FSC certified wood with smart technology.


Everyone in the family can have their own code and you can easily create temporary codes for visitors. Or unlock with a key tag. Lock and unlock remotely or see when someone opens the door. Make settings directly from the app. Automatic locking, scheduled code, selected codes and key tags so that they only work for certain days and time intervals.


The most exclusive solution for smart doors. Designed for flush installation the finger scanner is connected to a three-point motorized locking system. It can store up to 99 unique fingerprints. Intelligent software that recognizes changes in user behavior and learns more with every use. It can be connected via app and Bluetooth.

All exterior doors are available Smart. Build your door and choose technology.
However, here are a couple of packages


Design door in teak

Resö Teak SMART

Ytterdörr i ek med kodlås Yale Doorman

Långö Oak  – Add Yale Doorman to get a smart door

Smart Home and sustainability are interconnected.

For a sustainable future, smart homes are needed and there is a lot of talk about smart cities. Every year, for example, Sweden’s smartest city is ranked. And the housing of the future will be smarter in many ways. Many new technical solutions making the home recognize you, service you remotely and control the home’s functions via GPS, Bluetooth or WIFI. Smart homes and houses are often about automated solutions that facilitate the home, saves energy and secure operations and people. All to create structures for a sustainable lifestyle.

Smart doors, part of a sustainable lifestyle.

If we combine modern technology such as features in smart phones, wireless standards and automatic security systems with durable manufacturing doors, quality and environmentally certified wood, we become an important cog in the smart home and sustainable lifestyle. All our front doors already have the smart durability, and you can choose the smart technology to complete it.