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20 May 2020 | News

Bovalls new door model with finger scanner and motorized three-point locking. – Forget key chains, tags and code locks – open with your fingertip

smart door with fingerscanner

The well-designed little scanner “Ekey finger scanner arte” is level with the door surface with a stylish and smooth design. The door hinges and motorized automatic locking system are also hidden for slim design. For both private villas and for businesses enviroments the scanner is usable. The ekey finger scanner itself is equipped with intelligent software that transmits information to the control panel using encrypted communication. It recognizes changes in user behavior and learns more each use.

You can easily manage the scanner via an app in your phone where you can open your door remotely, hand out rights or personal codes to the family. Program day and time control to your lock or connect to your alarm system.

Inside the door is a automatic and motorised locking system with three locking chests which is opened with a signal from the finger scanner. The system is not classified in Sweden yet but in Germany it is classified as security class 3.

This setup is also available for our other door models and in other types of wood, e.g. Oak.

Pull handle in stainless steel

fingerscanner på ytterdörr

Ekey – Finger scanner

Additional price on top of the door for hidden hinges, hidden door closers, motorized 3-point locking, stainless steel pull handle, double din-cylinder, cover plates and finger scanner is 50,000, – SEK incl. VAT.

For prices and more info, click here.