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Långö Tanum Oak in limited edition

30 June 2020 | News

Bovalls Dörrbyggeri presents the close-knit door.
A door born, raised and built from locally grown timber.

Ytterdörr med liggande panel i ek

Långö Tanum Oak

The door with solid panel Långö Tanum Oak is made by hand, oak from the farm Stora Ryland is now sold in an exclusive and limited edition. The trees’ growing place on Stora Ryland is idyllically nestled in lush oak forests in Tanumshede, just a few miles from our factory in Bovallstrand. For hundreds of years, the material has grown stronger in a harsh climate.

We at Bovalls Dörrbyggeri have always worked with certified wood, but to have access to such close harvested oak is also unique to us and we are incredibly proud to present the door Långö Tanum Oak. A locally produced and hand built door oak door.

Långö Tanum Oak – born 1776, built in 2020.