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Inward-swinging doors

29 May 2018 | News

No matter which way you want your doors to swing, you can now choose freely among our FSC-certified hardwood doors. Our inward swinging doors are hand made with the same care and design as our regular doors, but with a different construction to ensure the weather protection.

Almost all exterior doors on the west coast of Sweden open outwards, because of our harsh climate and horizontal rains. However, in some countries & cultures doors usually swing inwards since customary to open the doors inward to greet your guests. It also saves space from the porch. Because of this, we decided to construct an exterior door which swings inwards.

The entrance door is the jewel of a house.

As much as a door is about keeping the weather out, it also has the biggest visual impact on the front of your house. A detailed and beautiful exterior door is key to making your house stand out. Our doors are built by hand, usually one by one or in small series to ensure maximum quality. All the materials used are traceable and certified, and all the wood on the exterior of the doors is solid wood, never veneer unless specifically asked for. As all the doors are hand built, we can easily adjust everything from measurements and materials, to the entire design itself.

Built with great care – without compromise.

If you simply take an outward swinging door construction and turn it around, you encounter many problems. Mainly, the wind will push rain through the door frame which then will run down towards the inside of the threshold. To counter this effect, the door leaf, frame and threshold is built to withstand rain and wind. Despite this, in the worst of storms water can still get pressed into the opening between the leaf and frame. To solve this, we mill a special channel to catch the water and lead it out through the threshold. A interior swinging door is never 100% air sealed because of this, since the milled channel at the bottom of the threshold has a slight opening to allow the passage of water.


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