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Hanging new interior door on old frame

The interior door is a complement to the interior that should suit the style chosen for other parts of the house. It is easy to "see" your doors after repainting or changing wallpaper in a room. But once the brushes have dried and the wallpaper finally hangs straight, it does not feel relevant to start pulling off the door lining. We have a solution for that! With replaceable door leaves, you keep your existing frame. You simply hook the new door leaf onto the old frame. Easy peasy!

Here in Sweden, the dimensions of doors and frames became standardized in 1972.
If your door was built after 1972 and has snap-in hinges, we can build a replaceable door leaf for your existing frame.

Which interior doors can I get with snap in hinges?

We can deliver our veneered interior doors Lyngö, Sandö, Risö, Kålö, Pinnö and Rågö with snap-in hinges.

Interior door easy to replace

Lyngö                                Sandö                                    Risö                                  Kålö                                    Pinnö                                   Rågö


Replacing the interior door is easy!

All you need to do is lift the locking tongue of the interior door hinge with a screwdriver. Then you lift off the old door, hook on the new one and snap it on. Done! But the very first thing you need to do is measure your existing interior doors and email us the measurements at and we will get back to you with a quote.

NOTE! All doors must be measured and we can only build interchangeable door leaves for doors built after 1972 with snap-in hinges.

How to measure
innerdörr med snap-in gångjärn

Watch our film about replacing interior doors without a frame step by step

The example in the film is from a 90's house. A simple and smooth interior door is replaced with a Lyngö in white ash.

You can save a lot of work and materials by not changing the frame:

If you are building a new house or completely renovating a house, it is one thing to buy interior doors with frames. The surface layers must be built or replaced anyway. With a light renovation where you do not want to tear down or change the lining for the inner door and surface layer, it is good to be able to change only the door leaf.

If, for example, the interior door is located in to a bathroom, it can cost a lot of work and materials. Tearing out the frame is likely to damage the tile on the inside of the bathroom. The toilet door next to the kitchen and hall is usually the interior door that our customers choose to replace first when renovating.