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FSC certified Freijo

29 August 2014 | News
Today we have unloaded a truck with FSC certified Freijo. We have been waiting for 9 months , but it may be considered as a fast delivery. The wood will be sprinkled by hand and dried slowly for joinery.

The pictures shows timber that being sorted at the sawmill and also the surroundings where the mill is located.

omgivningar1 sortering1

The map shows the area where the wood comes from.
The timber is transported on river barges from the forest to the sawmill located at the bank of a river to save transports.




brasilien-kort1There are those who think that to carry forest halfway around the world can never pay off environmentally, but by demanding FSC forest, where you can not harvest more than the forest can reproduce naturally, the forest will may remain and provide oxygen.

20% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from conversion of forest to for example pasture or croplands. When forests are cut down, they usually burn the area, which releases CO2 in large quantities. When the forest is a FSC certified forest, CO2 level becomes neutral because the soil is not burned and forest surface remains stable.

Everything is about making forestry profitable, if it is, forest owners will not choose to cut forests down.


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