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29 September 2020 | News

We want to meet your renovation reality.

Here at Bovalls, we manufacture doors by hand, one craftsman is responsible for everything from selection of wood pieces to finished product. We create a craft that will withstand weather and wind, expectant returns of loved ones and slamming of the door for generations. And that takes time.

At the other end are you, in the middle of a renovation that involves quick decisions. You would need a front door now, and you want a door as a statement for your house, one that really says something about those who live inside it. You go online to buy a front door and you see that you can have your door delivered in 6 – 8 weeks.

But 6 – 8 weeks is an eternity without a front door, especially when the autumn winds start to blow around the building.

We have turned the process around, we have put the same amount of time, care and craftsmanship into each wooden front door – but we have put that time in the door even before you go online.
To meet you, in the middle of your renovation reality, we have manufactured our best-selling doors in standard dimensions and put them in stock. You can get them just when you need them. We can send them tomorrow, if you order today.

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