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Ongoing environmental efforts

The worrying facts we hear about the state of forests around the world, illegal felling and climate impact are all part of the reason we chose to exclusively use FSC-certified timber.

When we obtained FSC certification our goal was that all the timber we use should be FSC-certified. We have now achieved that goal, but we have had to tackle skepticism and set backs along the way. We have even been close to giving up, partly due to the painstaking work involved in obtaining timber from reliable sources and in the right quality and dimensions.

It is still difficult, but we have made up our minds,
so we will continue working toward our goals. As producers and consumers we can all take greater responsibility for the environment by setting requirements.

Learn more about the consequences of illegal logging
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*The above photo was taken by one of our FSC®-certified suppliers in Brazil and shows how the forest looks seven years after sustainable felling. The next harvest will not be until the year 2034. Photo credit: Kasper Kopp, Tracer Aps.