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A ship arrives with a special cargo

23 October 2015 | News
After 10 years of searching for responsibly harvested teak!

For 10 years, Bovalls Dörrbyggeri has been searching for high-quality, responsibly managed teak, so that we can continue to make the classic exterior doors that withstand the west coast climate. To meet our company’s high environmental ambitions one of our key requirements was that all the wood we buy meets the standards of the internationally recognised Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

In the case of teak this proved to be a real challenge. With the help of two consulting companies, SSC Forestry and Sense Group, that search has now produced results. The answer was teak from Java in Indonesia, farmed using a method that safeguards the environment and social responsibility. The first container has now been unloaded, and it will create new market opportunities for Bovalls and for our Indonesian supplier, Perum Perhutani.

It is clear to Bovalls Dörrbyggeri that we should only buy wood that is certified by an independent party.

– For us it is a way of taking responsibility, so that we can be sure that our suppliers are meeting minimum requirements of environmental care and social responsibility, says Inger Gustafsson at Bovalls Dörrbyggeri.

bovalls_nyheter_23-okt_teakplanta bovalls_nyheter_23-okt_teaktrad

During the process it seemed natural that Bovalls should visit Java to see with our own eyes how forestry is managed and how the sawmill operates. Although the FSC certificate gives you some assurance, you feel more confident if you can visit the site yourself and get a little insight into how the company handles quality problems, social responsibility and environmental issues.

– It was very exciting and informative to travel to Java with SSC Forestry and Sense Group. We got to see the production of teak, from the nursery right through to 60-year-old ring-barked trees that were ready for harvesting, says Inger Gustafsson.



Perhutani operates an advanced agro-forestry system. On Java this means that the company allows local farmers to grow legumes and maize between the rows of teak trees during the initial and final years of the growing cycle. Between these periods a variety of shade-tolerant crops can be grown among the trees, such as porang (a potato-like root vegetable) or certain medicinal plants. Some of the profits from teak production also go back to the villages next to the company’s plantations. In parallel, the company creates jobs by investing in eco-tourism and making use of other resources from the forest, such as eucalyptus oil, honey, coffee, turpentine and silk.

The first container was delivered in mid-October and the quality of the teak we ordered turned out to be better than expected.

– This will naturally create new business opportunities for us. And at the same time we are helping to build the market for responsibly harvested wood, says Inger Gustafsson.

In the longer term, Bovalls, SSC Forestry and Sense Group share a vision of encouraging more forest owners in the southern hemisphere to introduce more sustainable forestry. To make this happen, however, the industry and consumers must really start to place stricter demands on the products they buy.

– We see this as a really positive partnership, and feel that Bovalls is setting a good example. By purchasing this type of wood, manufacturers can effectively support a process through which deforestation is replaced by responsible and sustainable forestry, says Martin Persson from Sense Group.

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)
An international organisation that promotes environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable use of the world’s forests. Bovalls Do?rrbyggeri has traceability certificates for manufacturing and selling FSC-certified doors that are made from wood from sustainable forests, where forest worker receive decent wages, where animals and vegetation have good conditions for survival and where no more trees are harvested than the forest can replace naturally.

Sense Group
A consulting company that focuses on innovation that supports ecosystems, and in the past few years has worked in various ways to promote demand for certified timber from developing countries, such as Indonesia.

SSC Forestry
Helps companies in developing countries that want to introduce responsible, FSC-certified forestry practices. They have long experience of working in Indonesia.

Perum Perhutani
Indonesian state forest companies with 2.4 million hectares of forest excluding nature reserves.